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As the curve flattens so shall Gold Prices
Health Crisis weakens economy, Gold prices soar!
Trump makes Gold UUUGE!
Fed will likely raise rates! How will Gold fair?
U.S. Data weak + employment number= Higher Gold $$$


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As the curve flattens so shall Gold Prices

The pandemic has been a tragic global event not only in loss of human life but also in economic confidence hence gold has yet again become a safe haven. Consequently gold value have launched close to the $1700 dollar range, but as time passes and the governors slowly start opening up their states the economy will start to awaken. Slowly at first but in time it will come roaring back. Do not get caught holding on to gold. Stick with the adage "buy low sell high". We will be happy to purchase all of your Gold in any condition.

Health Crisis weakens economy, Gold prices soar!

The latest health crisis has got the financial markets in a tailspin. Gold prices are skyrocketing because of it. Come on down and sell your unwanted jewelry in any condition for top dollar. 

Trump makes Gold UUUGE!

He is so unpredictable we never know whats he is going to say next and Investors are so jumpy they hinge on every tweet he makes. Hence the "Trump Bump". Eventually this static investing will become counter productive and investors will seek out a stable place to invest. That's where gold comes into play. In November we saw a spike as gold climbed almost to $1300 an ounce and now his "phenomenal" financial strategy is about to be unveiled it on the rise again. This is going to be a great year to buy low and sell high.

Fed will likely raise rates! How will Gold fair?

Oh yes It's very likely the Fed will raise interest rates on December 15th when they meet and yes gold will take a tremendous hit on that day. However the economy isn't doing all that great still and we feel gold will not dip below the tentative $1000 mark for long in fact after the smoke clears we expect a slow increase as we head into the new year. Investors are very sensitive global events and tend to have a knee jerk reaction when it comes to gold. I would head on down here To East Main Jewelry and ride this wave before the big fall.

U.S. Data weak + employment number= Higher Gold $$$


FED rate hike by end of the year? Gold will plummet...

Is a rate hike before years end inevitable? Not necessarily. As the US economy gains momentum, oil prices stay low, and inflation keeps at modest increases it would seem likely. However the upcoming election does play a factor in staying the FED's decision. I would expect a slight rise and fall in Gold prices at this time but nothing drastic and by years end all bets are off I expect gold to hover around $900-$1000 per ounce with a FED interest rate hike.

GOLD doesnt believe FED , Gold goes higher anyway.

Gold Market Doesn't Believe Fed Optimism - Analysts
By Neils Christensen of Kitco News
Thursday July 28, 2016 10:43
(Kitco News) -Although the U.S. Federal Reserve left the door open for a potential interest rate hike in September, according to analysts, markets don't believe the renewed optimism as gold is higher and both the U.S. dollar index and bond yields lower on the day.Gold prices are down from their earlier session highs but are still holding onto gains after the Fed left interest rates unchanged Wednesday but had a slightly more upbeat tone, saying, "Near-term risks to the economic outlook have diminished.

Four winners of the Brexit...


NINE! NINE! NINE!German 10 year bond negative territory!

First time in history German 10 year bond yield dips into negative territory 0% interest rates!!! Illustrating yet again the fragile global economy. The timing couldnt be better on the first day of Fed meetings. Fed officials will defintatly take this news to heart and I dare to venture they will skip a rate hike this time around. Expect higher and sustainable gold prices in the coming weeks.

Gold Surges Following Downbeat U.S. Jobs Report

Gold Surges Following Downbeat U.S. Jobs Report http://www.kitco.com/news/2016-06-03/Gold-Surges-Following-Downbeat-U-S-Jobs-Report.html#.V1W99XYkzMk.twitter
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