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Trump makes Gold UUUGE!
Fed will likely raise rates! How will Gold fair?
U.S. Data weak + employment number= Higher Gold $$$
FED rate hike by end of the year? Gold will plummet...
GOLD doesnt believe FED , Gold goes higher anyway.


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Gold hits 5 year bottom buyers wait to strike

Buyers pose for definitive bottom anticipate rally.

A very good presentation of the current Global Economy crisis!

This pretty much sums it up for you. If you think the fall of the second largest market on the planet is not going to effect us you have another thing coming.


China is America's biggest trade partner . We have invested heavily in upcoming markets there. Currently we are seeing a drastic attempt on China's behalf to avoid a stock market meltdown. If this happens our economy will surely suffer. Scared investors are already posed to seek a safe haven from the impending fallout this major event will produce. What safe haven you may ask? GOLD! I predict a huge and lasting increase in precious metal prices in the upcoming weeks. 

Read the link below to see the breakdowns timeline.

Gold on the move in the near future.


Gold may reach $1,500 an ounce by 2017: Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Bank of America Merrill Lynch analysts think the worst is over for gold and they believe the yellow metal could rise to $1,500 an ounce by 2017.

NEW YORK (Scrap Register):
Bank of America Merrill Lynch analysts think the worst is over for gold and they believe the yellow metal could rise to $1,500 an ounce by 2017.

Oil Surges, Gold And Silver Spike As Saudi Arabia Bombs Yemen

- Geopolitical tensions in Middle East escalate dramatically as Saudi Arabia bombs Yemen
- Yemen’s government seized power in coup – Regarded as hostile to Saudi and ally of Iran
- Saudi attack is an escalation of Middle Eastern proxy war between Gulf States and Iran
- Action has broader geopolitical implications in deepening cold war between the West and East
- Oil surged 6% and gold 2% on the the news
- Should oil prices return to new record highs will impact struggling global economy. 
I would expect a huge rally on gold prices soon until things level out in the Middle East .

There's gold in dem der hills!

What a luck guy Alaskan prospector Steve Herschback finds a gold nugget worth 20k. I would love to purchase that or any gold for that matter. Feel free to send yours along and get paid within 24hours of arrival via Paypal.

Tax refund checks are cashed here!

It's tax time and we all are waiting for a big tax refunds to come in. Well did you know we are not only a fantastic pawnshop but also a fully licensed money service business (MSB)? We can cash your check ,pay your bills,issue you a money order (only .50 cents) and wire money to family and friends via MoneyGram? well now you know. Come on in we are happy to serve you.

Economy in flux due to falling oil prices GOLD is rising

World markets and investors are in tough bind as of late due to the dropping oil prices and they are not sure what the future will bring in the coming weeks. Is oil going to fall lower? Maybe oil will sky rocket nobody knows and that's unsettling for investors. Generally when things like this happen they seek a solid shelter on which they can rest easy knowing their money is going to be safe and that would be GOLD. Expect a steady rise in the coming weeks and sell off when you see the spike. It won't last long when it does happen.

Unrest in the middle east (Again) watch gold

That's right it has happened again. Turmoil in the middle east. The stock market will feel the effect. Just on speculation alone oil prices are creeping up as well as investor anxiety and when this happens investors run and hide into something stable something called gold. I expect a huge run on gold in the next few weeks. So go through your jewelry boxes and get it ready to sell or pawn it here at East Main Jewelry. If you missed the boat last time you might just get your chance now.

What ? are these three numbers on my gold ring?

Ok here is a good one for you. I had a very sharp customer come in with exactly one ounce of 14 kt gold. He looked me in the eye and said "You know gold is $1300 dollars an ounce"

I said yes it is but what you have here sir is only 58.5% gold not 100% gold.
Slightly stunned he realized that I was correct and started to laugh.

Almost always Gold Jewelry is a composition of other metals what is known as an alloy. It is comprised of  gold, copper, silver, platinum, palladium, and zinc. Some metals are added to increase hardness or to change the hue.
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