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Trump makes Gold UUUGE!
Fed will likely raise rates! How will Gold fair?
U.S. Data weak + employment number= Higher Gold $$$
FED rate hike by end of the year? Gold will plummet...
GOLD doesnt believe FED , Gold goes higher anyway.


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German WWII Afrika Korps infantry Pith helmet

We do on rare occasions acquire collectible military items such as this.
a German Afrika Korps Infantry pith helmet it is in fair shape and up for sale. It has the all of the insignia.

Looking for a new tv but your not sure LCD,LED,Plasma?

Ok I have been there and it is confusing ,frustrating , and yes a little scary. When trying to buy the newer tvs out there. We see them come in all the time and here is what we have learned.

Pros: For picture quality and price Plasma televisions The contrast and blacks are very rich.

Cons:power consumption is an issue as opposed to the very efficient lcd,led

LCD(liquid crystal diode)
Pros: All around our favorite low power consumption proven technology reliable
Cons:A little pricey , not as crisp as a plasma

GOLD Drops then Pops why?

A customer came in today and was disappointing we did not offer the same amount for her gold as last time. I simply explained that Gold has dropped considerably since last time you were in and frankly I didn't recognize you. I did however match last years prices to retain her business.We reward customer loyalty.

As you can see from this 10 year graph gold spiked up during the summer of 2013. Then dropped back down the latter half of 2013 right into the present. This is attributed to a strengthening dollar and economy.

Trash or Treasure? You tell me.

By looking at this picture could you tell me in an instant if this old fishing reel is Trash or Treasure? Most people have obscure stuff like this sitting in a drawer some where and probably cant even remember where they got it. Do you have a question about something you may think is worth something? Take a trip down to our shop and I will let you know for free if it is worth something. Chances are you will be pleasantly surprised.... This reel is worth $200 bucks by the way.

So what if its Broken jewelry we will buy it.

A woman came in the store a few years back and told me a horrifying story. She was going through her jewelry box and selected only the "Good" pieces to sell to me. I asked her what happened to the bad pieces?  She said....(I hope your sitting)... "I just tossed them in the trash"... I was stunned. Even though your jewelry is broken, bent, smashed, or you are just sick of it. Please please bring it to us to get some cash for it. It is still worth money.

Nikon D3200 DSLR camera kit NEW

Capture those precious moments in HIgh Definition with Nikon's d3200 Digital SLR camera. The kit comes complete with everything you need to really make memories last forever.

Another satisfied customer

A hilarious customer of ours decided to help us with out T-shirt exposure. Let's hope he didn't "expose" to much that night. One cant help but be fascinated by his his preponderance of his new found wealth and wardrobe. Thanks Josh!

First big snow of 2014 are you ready?

We have a few snow blowers to save your back and your money! come on down while they last!

OH the T-shirts are in!!!

Hey Guys The new shirts are in you can get one of these beauties by taking out a loan for over $300 bucks for free! Get them while supplies last!
For those of you whom forgot your reading glasses it says " I got loot for my booty at..." East Main Jewelry
The front symbol was drawn by me it was a rip off of the old East Indian Trading Company logo. I replaced their crosses with pawn balls. Hence the Pirate theme. ARRRGGG me hardys!!


Once ounce Silver bars. Good investmentOH yes it is a precious metal and yes it is going to be the main source of currency when the zombie apocalypse happens! So stock up and get your one ounce silver bars here at East Main Jewelry! Silver's value is currently at a low point, so take advantage and diversify you investments... stocks are ok but not as cool!
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