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Looking for a new tv but your not sure LCD,LED,Plasma?

Ok I have been there and it is confusing ,frustrating , and yes a little scary. When trying to buy the newer tvs out there. We see them come in all the time and here is what we have learned.

Pros: For picture quality and price Plasma televisions The contrast and blacks are very rich.

Cons:power consumption is an issue as opposed to the very efficient lcd,led

LCD (liquid crystal diode)
Pros: All around our favorite low power consumption proven technology reliable
Cons: A little pricey , not as crisp as a plasma

LED (light emitting diode) These are conventional lcd tvs with led back lit screens rather than the florescent back lit lcds.
Pros: A crisp picture and even better power consumption rating
Cons: expensive
We also recommend forgoing the smart tv option because chances are your bluray,or gaming system has that feature already and you can save a buck.

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