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As the curve flattens so shall Gold Prices
Health Crisis weakens economy, Gold prices soar!
Trump makes Gold UUUGE!
Fed will likely raise rates! How will Gold fair?
U.S. Data weak + employment number= Higher Gold $$$


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German WWII Afrika Korps infantry Pith helmet

We do on rare occasions acquire collectible military items such as this.
a German Afrika Korps Infantry pith helmet it is in fair shape and up for sale. It has the all of the insignia.

Trash or Treasure? You tell me.

By looking at this picture could you tell me in an instant if this old fishing reel is Trash or Treasure? Most people have obscure stuff like this sitting in a drawer some where and probably cant even remember where they got it. Do you have a question about something you may think is worth something? Take a trip down to our shop and I will let you know for free if it is worth something. Chances are you will be pleasantly surprised.... This reel is worth $200 bucks by the way.

Nikon D3200 DSLR camera kit NEW

Capture those precious moments in HIgh Definition with Nikon's d3200 Digital SLR camera. The kit comes complete with everything you need to really make memories last forever.

First big snow of 2014 are you ready?

We have a few snow blowers to save your back and your money! come on down while they last!


Once ounce Silver bars. Good investmentOH yes it is a precious metal and yes it is going to be the main source of currency when the zombie apocalypse happens! So stock up and get your one ounce silver bars here at East Main Jewelry! Silver's value is currently at a low point, so take advantage and diversify you investments... stocks are ok but not as cool!

WWE Royal Rumble photo (signed)

WWE Royal rumble signedThis is a fantastic photo! whom every edited it was a genius. WWE Royal Rumble in San Antonio TEXAS 1/28/07.
It is signed by:
CM Punk
Johnny Nitro
Randy Ortin
and more...
It also has a certificate of authenticity #445 of 500

I'M BATMAN......

Sold DC batman cell. We have collectibles gives us a call I'm Batman....ok so maybe not but here I have an original cel from the Batman Animated series . This is an original piece only one like it. It comes with the certificate of authenticity from warner brothers studio. Its pretty cool !
I love this job!

James Fee Photo Print

James Fee collectible photo A chromogenic print by James Fee the title is "Honeymoon Beach" 2001 it is just so soothing to look at its mine in two weeks so hurry of your interested.

James Fee Photo Art

James Fee collectible photo If I don't sell it in two weeks I am keeping it original prints taken by James Fee a world renowned photographer known for his dark American imagery. This one is titled
"True Meaning, New York City" 1998 a toned gelatin silver print framed nicely

Rainy day ? stuck inside? GET A HD tv to pass the time.

Item is sold we do have more updated led smart tvs ready to goUp for sale a Samsung 51" plasma with remote model #PN51E450A1F comes with the pivot stand and a Sony PS3 all for $650.00.
Call for availability and details.
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